The Monthly Loops project 

On going project. Every month over the period of one year we upload a new free track by the same artist. At the end of the year you can download the full album & its artwork for free. Released under Creative Commons Licence. You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work & to make derivative works under the following conditions: you must give the original author credit & may not use this work for commercial purposes.

Stupid Competitions is inviting musicians to create an intuitive and intimist proposition of 12 tracks minimum,  a sort of diary of sounds. The tracks are usually produced with limited tools, in home studios, kitchens, churches, or public places, with digitals and anologs machines and instruments.

Until now the artists who were invited to take part in the project were Jean Philippe Dauphin aka Anoé, Mathieu Ha aka Quasimoda, Maxime Bodson aka Squelette, and from December 2021 on, Romain Bertheau.

January 2022- December 2022

A new Monthly Loops series by French Keyboard player Romain Bertheau.

The sound of the organs’ churches is at the center of Romain Bertheau’s proposition. Purity and meditation. Some interludes make the listenner travel far away in Asia, or invite him to seat next to Romain when he was a child, playing his own contemporary composition on the piano.

>>> Click on the player below to listen to the first track of the series.

Track 01 / January 2022

Composed, played and recorded by Romain Bertheau. Organ built by Jean Daldosso in 1999 located in the church of the French village, Saint-Martin de Naucelle (12).

O1- Escherichia Coli (January 2022)

par Romain Bertheau | Monthly Loops IV

You can also listen to and download for free the full albums of the previous series below :

III. 2010 – Squelette – 12 tracks

II. 2008 – Quasimoda – 12 tracks

I. 2006 – Anoé – 39 tracks